Water Ski Show Capital of the World

    Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships

    Red Sands Beach | Lake Wazeecha | South Wood County Park | Wisconsin Rapids

    General Tournament Information & Requirements


    Full concessions will be available Friday through Sunday starting with breakfast at 6:00am and will close when the last show of the day hits the water. Concessions will be closing early on Friday, during the Water Walkers Show, so that the Aqua Skiers can perform. Limited concessions will be available on Thursday.

    The Beer Garden will open at 10:00am on Thursday and 8:00am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will remain open 30 minutes after the last event of the day. Children ages 12-20 will not be allowed in the beer garden, not even with a parent or guardian. No one will be allowed into the beer garden area until posted opening times and security is on site. Please do not enter this area until the proper authorities are in place.


    Parking for spectators and skiers is available in our main lot. No boats, equipment trailers, travel trailers, or RV’s are allowed in the main parking lots.  Parking is $5.00 per day, there will be no weekend passes for the 2024 tournament.

    Boats, equipment trailers, travel trailers, and RVs are not be allowed in the main parking lots. The playground area west of the Stone Shelter House is reserved specifically for all equipment vehicles and trailers. You may only park your boats, equipment trailers, and floaters (no personal vehicles) in this area on the day of your performance. Parking passes for this area will be distributed at the mandatory meeting.

    You may receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for failure to comply with the parking rules.

    Parking space is at a premium, and your cooperation is appreciated. There is a dedicated entrance to the Equipment Lot at the Open Shelter on South Park Road. Parking attendants will control and monitor this area. Please honor all No Parking signs on South Park Road and 72nd Street South. Vehicles may be ticketed and towed at th owner's expense for failure to comply.

    If you need a place to park your equipment , you may use the Aqua Skier shed lot at 8055 Deer Road. This lot is not secure. You assume any and all responsibility for parking your equipment, boats, and trailers at the Aqua Skier shed lot. Contact Mike Wiberg via email or phone call to (715) 459-5000.

    Carry-Ins (Alcohol-Glass-Food-Weapons)

    There are absolutely no carry-ins, food or otherwise, allowed in the tournament area including all parking lots. The lots will be patrolled by parking personnel. The Wood County Sheriff or Grand Rapids Police may be called to deal with alcohol-related incidents. Parking personnel will ask that any food carry-ins be removed.

    Open or concealed weapons are strictly prohibited at the ski site (tournament area including all parking lots).


    The lake is closed to swimming, wading, and boat traffic (motorized or otherwise) from the boat landing east to the bridge during tournament hours. This includes all areas of the campground. Swimming is allowed on the west side of the boat landing in the designated swimming area.

    Pickup Boats

    The Aqua Skiers will NOT have pickup boats available for use this year. Please make other arrangements if you need pickup boats.


    Both tournaments (state and regional) are NSSA Class A sanctioned by USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, consisting of Division I, II, and III.

    • All competing teams and events competitors must be affiliated with USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.
    • All Wisconsin teams and events competitors must also be affiliated with the WWSF.
    • The Officials/Team Lineup sheet and WWSF website contain the complete officials list for this tournament.
    • The host team (Aqua Skiers) has contracted with Atomic Fusion Productions for the sound system. They will provide all required equipment per SCR 9.09 and 9.10.
    • Per SCR 9.08 the performance platform is 20' X 40'.
    • All boats must meet all applicable boating laws of the state of Wisconsin.

    Registration and Mandatory Meetings

    Please refer to the Schedule of Events for times and places of registration and mandatory meetings.

    Weather Delays

    Per SCR 4.03 provisions for Weather Delays shall be specified in the tournament announcement. The WWSF website shall serve as the tournament announcement.

    The schedule of teams after a delay will be as follows:

    1. All teams will the exception of Division III will remain in the original running order. Division III teams will move to a time determined by the Chief Judge and tournament host.
    2. We will ski to the end of the day as boating laws permit, regarding daylight and safety. Special events will be preempted.
    3. We will begin the next day with the next team in the running order from the previous day. The starting time of the tournament may be adjusted to start earlier in the day for the purpose of getting back on schedule.
    4. If the tournament cannot be finished as scheduled, an additional day(s) may be added (i.e. Monday) with teams to ski to finish the original running order.
    5. If the Individual Events Competition is delayed and cannot be made up during the tournament, it will be completed after the last show (on Sunday or Monday), time permitting.