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    WWSF Skills Development Challenge

    Skills Development Challenge

    Skills Categories

    Beginner Skills (New Water Skier)



    Swivel 180



    Backwards Barefooting

    Shoe Skis


    Trick Skis



    Adaptive Water Ski

    Boat Driving

    Skills Development Challenge

    Objectives of the Challenge

    To promote participation in all disciplines of water skiing.

    To keep members engaged with a focus on skills development and progression in a variety of disciplines.

    To recognize and reward members for participating and progressing with their water skiing skills.

    Program Details & Guidelines

    Program is effective June 21, 2021 through September 30, 2021.

    All WWSF members are eligible.

    All participants must also be current members of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.

    No age restrictions or limitations.

    Must follow all state/local laws related to boating and water skiing.

    Must follow all applicable (USA-WS&WS, NSSA, etc.) water skiing rules and requirements.

    This is about learning NEW skills (from a predetermined list).

    Credit will not be given for skills you already possess.

    The honor system applies to all submissions, which are subject to verification.

    The WWSF reserves the right to modify program and skills list at any time, without notice.

    How to Participate & Earn Points

    Individuals must submit their achievements online to receive points.

    Each new skill learned/executed = 1 point.

    Individuals who earn the most points will receive prizes.

    All participants who earn a minimum of 10 points will receive a certificate of participation.

    Teams earn points by promoting this program and encouraging members to participate.

    Teams (one from each of the 3 show ski divisions) with the most participant points will receive prizes.

    Individual Prize Packages

    Top 3 participants receive prizes.

    Ties broken by time (i.e. number of days) to earn points.

    FIRST PLACE (approx. $400 value)

    Standard hotel room for one night at Think Tank 2021.

    2 Think Tank 2022 registrations (clinics and dinner).

    WWSF apparel/logo merchandise.

    Free WWSF membership in 2022.


    SECOND & THIRD PLACE (approx. $200 value each)

    2 Think Tank 2022 registrations (clinics and recognition dinner).

    WWSF apparel/logo merchandise.

    Free WWSF membership in 2022.


    Team Prize Packages

    Top 3 teams (one from each show ski division) with most participant points receive prizes.

    Ties broken by number of participants as a percentage of your 2021 state show tournament roster.

    PRIZES ($100 value)

    Free team affiliation membership for 2022.

    2 Think Tank 2022 registrations (clinics only).

    Skills Development Challenge awards

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