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Wisconsin Water Ski Federation members represent 15% of the total USA Water Ski membership and 45% of all USA Water Ski members with NSS (show ski) designation as their primary sport division. The WWSF is highly-respected for its leadership at all levels of the sport and is well-known for producing world-class water skiing events.

The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation...

  • Promotes water skiing participation and competition in the state of Wisconsin. (More participation equals greater access and representation.)
  • Serves as a portal for statewide water skiing event information and news.
  • Supports and funds education and skills instruction and communicates opportunities for both.
  • Allocates funds to each recognized sport discipline in support of education initiatives, membership development and competition.
  • Serves as a conduit for grass roots support for waterways access and other issues.
  • Sanctions and certifies state championships and, for show water skiing, the regional qualifier for the Division I National Water Ski Show Tournament.
  • Provides unified representation in national water skiing organizations.
  • Recognizes individual contributions to the sport of water skiing in the state of Wisconsin by way of the Wisconsin Water Ski Hall of Fame, located at the entrance of Tommy Bartlett Stadium.
  • Maintains historical records pertaining to water skiing participation and competition in Wisconsin.
  • Produces annually the Wisconsin Water Ski Convention & Expo (Think Tank), the largest indoor water ski convention featuring clinics, seminars, forums and hands-on instruction in all facets of water skiing. The expo portion of the event features the latest in water skiing equipment, gear, clothing, boats, motors, and accessories.
  • Offers members discounts and arranges for group-buys from various manufacturers and suppliers of water skiing equipment.
  • Serves as a conduit for sharing information among teams/clubs for improving communications, marketing, membership growth and administration.
  • Offers members the convenience of self-serve membership management and event registration.

About the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation

The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation promotes water skiing, water safety, and good sportsmanship throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere; encourages and supports the formation of water ski clubs; serves as an educational, informational, and organizational center for water skiers in Wisconsin; disseminates information and news about water skiing; and presents annually the Think Tank Water Ski Convention & Expo, state championship events, and other events and activities in support of organizational objectives.