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    Show Ski Sport Discipline Director Election & Candidates

    Show Ski Sport Discipline Director Election Info

    The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation will conduct an election for Show Ski Sport Discipline Director at the 2023 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships from July 20-23, 2023, in Wisconsin Rapids.

    Only those WWSF members who are age 18 or older and have show ski as their primary and secondary sport discipline will be allowed to vote in this election.

    In-Person Voting

    If you are attending the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships, you are expected to vote in person. The polling place will be located behind the scorers' trailer across from the concessions pavilion. Voting is open from 10:00am - 2:00pm each day of the tournament (Thursday through Sunday).

    Absentee Voting

    Absentee voting is allowed per the WWSF Policies & Procedures. If you are not attending the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships, you may vote absentee using the online absentee vote collection form. The form will be activated the morning of Thursday, July 20 and deactivated at 2:00pm on Sunday, July 23. Proxy voting and write-in votes are not allowed. Your 4-digit WWSF membership number and your name are required as part of the absentee voting process. Again, absentee voting is only for those who will not be in attendance at the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships. All absentee ballots are subject to verification of eligibility, including validation that you were not at the tournament.

    Show Ski Sport Discipline Director Candidate Bios

    Kailey Koehler
    Kailey Koehler
    My name is Kailey Koehler and I am running for the WWSF-Show Ski Representative, for my fourth term. I have been a member of Aquanut Water Shows for 22 years and I am a 5x member of the USA Waterski Show Team. I have also been a member of 5 world barefoot teams and have competed in 3-event barefooting for many years. As someone who has dedicated a majority of my life to the amazing sport of waterskiing, I have decided to continue to grow myself as an individual and become a leader in our sport and I hope to continue to learn more about the different entities of waterskiing.

    I have served as the WWSF Show Ski Representative in 2020, 2021, and 2022. As a show ski representative, my goal is to continue to collaborate with all teams and ensure that teams can have a voice when discussing specific topics that relate to show skiing. I hope to continue to grow our sport and instill a passion for waterskiing into individual of all ages and abilities! I ask for your vote and that you would support me as the WWSF Show Ski Representative. Thank you for your time!

    “Ski” ya later!

    Brad Keuschel
    Brad Keuschel
    My name is Brad Keuschel, and I have been in show skiing for the last 26 years, skiing for the Shawano Ski Sharks. I Have been married for 16 years and am the father to 3 boys. My oldest son is skiing and announcing for our team, and the rest of the family is active with the team as much as possible. I have helped with the planning of many events including world record events and 2021 D2 Nationals in Shawano and looking forward to hosting more national competitions at our home site. I have been a member of the board for Ski Sharks off and on throughout my time on the team. Including Show director, event coordinator, and member at large.

    I know the struggles that are faced by smaller teams and can relate to those that are facing them. Over my years with Ski Sharks, being a team varying from a beginner D3 or non-competing team all the way up to being a D1 team (for 1 season), I have learned the value of training with qualified instructors in all areas of show skiing and developing individual talents as well as team skills. Whether that is from hiring instructors to travel to your site or having your skiers travel to clinics held throughout the year. There are clinics held for jump in different regions, barefoot clinics, ski camp, Think Tank, and many other valuable resources that are available for skiers and teams to take advantage of. As well as grants available that can help to offset costs if there are some incurred for them. I think these are great assets that we could hopefully make easier to attend and able to expand on as a resource for teams of all sized to be able to use.

    I am always looking to grow our sport and help to make it more approachable to all ages and abilities. I have helped our team to have a great working relationship with not only our city but also our police, DNR, and other entities that some teams struggle or butt heads with and would be happy to offer any hep that I can to assist other teams to do the same. I am hoping to keep my family involved as they continue to grow and plan to be a part of the show ski world for many years to come in one form or another. I have worked with most members of the federation board in one way or another and feel like we have a good working relationship that we can build on for the future. I look forward to the future of show skiing and keeping this great family sport alive! Thank you for your consideration!