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    WWSF President Election & Candidates

    WWSF President Election Info

    The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation will conduct an election for President at the 2023 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships from July 20-23, 2022, in Wisconsin Rapids.

    Only those WWSF members who are age 18 or older and have show ski as their primary and secondary sport discipline will be allowed to vote in this election.

    In-Person Voting

    If you are attending the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships, you are expected to vote in person. The polling place will be located behind the scorers' trailer across from the concessions pavilion. Voting is open from 10:00am - 2:00pm each day of the tournament (Thursday through Sunday).

    Absentee Voting

    Absentee voting is allowed per the WWSF Policies & Procedures. If you are not attending the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships, you may vote absentee using the online absentee vote collection form. The form will be activated the morning of Thursday, July 20 and deactivated at 2:00pm on Sunday, July 23. Proxy voting and write-in votes are not allowed. Your 4-digit WWSF membership number and your name are required as part of the absentee voting process. Again, absentee voting is only for those who will not be in attendance at the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships. All absentee ballots are subject to verification of eligibility, including validation that you were not at the state show ski tournament.

    WWSF President Candidate Bios

    Joel Shapiro
    Joel Shapiro

    My name is Joel Shapiro and I am running for president of the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation.

    I have been involved in show skiing since 1995 and was an active skier for 22 years with the Rock Aqua Jays.  I served the team as secretary from 1999-2000, vice president from 2000-2003, and president from 2003-2013.  During my tenure as president, the team experienced multiple catastrophic flood events.  I’m very proud to have provided stability, direction, and sound leadership to sustain the organization and keep it afloat through very difficult times.  The team elected me show director in 2015.

    Most of you may know me more for my involvement in the WWSF over the last 20 years. I currently chair the Marketing and Bylaws/P&P committees.  I first volunteered with the WWSF in 2003 to chair the Marketing/Website committee.  In 2008, I brought website design and content management in-house and continue to maintain the website today.  I also served as treasurer from 2009-2021 and on the Think Tank committee since 2007, even serving as Think Tank chair from 2015-2017.  When I took on the role of treasurer we collected dues, event registrations, and other income by cash or check.  By the end of my 12-year tenure as treasurer in 2021, nearly all income was collected through card processing, which allowed us to implement solutions aimed at making it easy for members.

    Our mission to make it easy for members allowed me to pursue and champion other technology solutions to propel the WWSF forward.  Those solutions included self-service membership management, online event registration, email communications, information collection, accounting management, and digital entry and paperwork submission.

    As your president, I will be a servant leader, serving and leading with an unselfish mindset, focused on growth and development of the membership in pursuit of our goals and objectives.  I intend to put the needs of members first while helping people, teams, and the sport disciplines develop and reach their highest potential.  I will work to build trust and confidence to improve culture and how we go about managing the organization.  We will seek ways to communicate more effectively.  We will hold each other accountable through more clarity and transparency.  Most importantly, though, we will foster an environment of respect for each other, for opposing viewpoints, and varying situations and circumstances.

    I respectfully ask for your vote to be the next president of the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation.

    Aaron Schoelzel
    Aaron Schoelzel

    Hello everyone I believe most of you know me but let me tell you more.

    My name is Aaron Schoelzel and I am running for the position of President of the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. I am currently the Vice President.  I was the Show rep for 3 years and Director at large prior to becoming Vice President.  I have also served on the Think Tank Committee with Michelle the last several years.

    I have been a Rock Aqua Jay since 2003 and a Browns Lake Aquaduck from 1982 till 2003.  I have seen both ends of the spectrum and feel that is a great asset in helping all teams.  I also have been to countless other events from collegiate wakeboard tournaments and barefoot tournaments throughout the years.  

    I want to see the growth of our sport in all areas, not just show skiing.  I feel we as a federation need to do a better job of communicating and bringing more value to what we are getting for our dues.  

    I will not have any other board responsibilities and will be able to focus solely and make sure the business is handled in a speedy but well thought  out manner.  

    I am great friends with my opponent and will continue that regardless of the outcomce of the vote and look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish working together.

    With that being said I am asking for your vote as the next President of our great organization.

    Respectfully Submitted.

    Aaron Schoelzel